URGENT: Computer restarts over the weekend


Starting 11pm this Friday night, IT staff will be installing Windows 10 upgrades on all Architecture and Planning computers, and this will involve all computers being restarted several times.
We recommend that you SAVE ALL DOCUMENTS and log off when you have finished; either on Friday, or at any time during course of the weekend, but PLEASE DO NOT SHUT THE COMPUTERS DOWN.
NB: The computers will still be available at most times during the weekend. However, if you see any computers in the middle of upgrading or restarting, please find another computer to use.
This Windows 10 upgrade will not affect any programs or data on the computer, nor will any computers be replaced.
However, we strongly suggest you have a backup of your data somewhere else, as good practice.
If you have any questions, please contact the OML Office on Level 4
Thank you for your help.

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