The Undergraduates Awards

The Undergraduate Awards 2017
Architecture & Design

The Undergraduate Awards aims to recognise and celebrate top undergraduate coursework world wide. This year, a brand new category: Architecture & Design has been introduced.

Architecture & Design is a portfolio-based category. Entrants can submit up to 10 images and an accompanying statement of 1,500 words explaining their work.
Have a piece of coursework that you’re proud of?

Sad to see it sitting on a shelf gathering dust?

“Submit” to The Undergraduate Awards to earn international recognition for your work!

What is The Undergraduate Awards?

The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s largest academic awards programme. Our aim is to celebrate top undergraduate coursework and foster interdisciplinary collaboration between students and recent graduates worldwide.

Why should I apply?

Earn international recognition for work you’ve already done!

Receive access to the exclusive UA Alumni Portal

Win a trip to the “UA Global Summit” in Dublin, Ireland

Get your work profiled in The Undergraduate Journal 2017

Submitting is free and easy, just follow these steps to #awardyourwork! 

Interested, but not ready to submit just yet? Not a problem!
Just “register online”to reserve your place in the competition

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