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Last chance to view the Ockham Gallery exhibition: Penumbral Reflections – a large-scale, experimental architectural project by PAC Studio’s Sarosh Mulla and Aaron Paterson.


This is the final week to come in and see this spectacular collaboration before our current suite of exhibitions closes this Saturday (24th June, 4.00pm).


Penumbral Reflections centres around a monumental grid structure, home to an oversized ‘Claude glass’ (a black convex mirror, traditionally known for its use in 19th century landscape painting). Animating the gallery are four projected simulations of the installation, produced in gaming engines that attempt to capture the perceptual qualities of the built work.


These projections are altered by the physical presence of the constructed grid; producing misalignments between simulated and real shadow. When peering into the curved face of the Claude glass, the viewer can observe two penumbral zones of half shadow, similar to that witnessed in a lunar eclipse.


The project collects architectural themes that recur in the work of PAC Studio. This installation for Objectspace seeks to distil and test these themes, before the work is permanently installed at the Waikereru Ecosanctuary, near Gisborne. To read more about the exhibition, visit our website: http://www.objectspace.org.nz/



Objectspace warmly encourages student group visits to this exhibition. We can provide a welcome and gallery talk with Director Kim Paton this coming Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (20th, 21st, 22nd June). This is an excellent opportunity for students to visit the exhibition while gaining insight into the project, and PAC Studio’s wider architectural practice.

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