Laser Cutting Payment Process

Payment for laser cutting is now done through the CAI online


1 – To purchase select ‘ArchPlan Laser Cutting’, which opens the page shown below.

Laser Cutting will be sold in units of 5 mins.

You will be given a quote for the work required from the OML technician. (eg. 35 mins)

You can purchase up to 60 mins. If you are quoted more, half the amount and then select from the quantity (i.e. quoted 90 mins, select 45 minutes and change quantity to 2).


2 – Select the required amount from the time available and add to cart. 

(Please don’t purchase more than the amount quoted, as refunds are not available.)



3 – Then go to checkout.


4 – The first time you do this, you will need to create a profile for the CAI online shop. – select ‘register an account’

(After this, following purchases, and you will just need to sign in with an e-mail address and password)

5 – Payments can be made by credit card or from a bank account using a Visa / MasterCard debit card.

6 – When you go to collect your item, you will need to show your order confirmation, which will have been e-mailed to you (either on your phone or tablet), or a paper copy.

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