AA VS Bamboo Lab – Myanmar

The AA Bamboo Lab is a global autotelic research programme of the AA Visiting School which explores the fusion of highly advanced computational design software and sustainable natural lightweight materials, to spawn new architectural opportunities.

This course is in partnership with a long running AA bamboo design and construction research programme which, since 2013, has aimed to fuse cutting edge architectural software with the material of bamboo, and develop socio-ecological architectural projects to address local issues.

This course is open to students and professionals, not just of architecture and engineering, but since all software and material knowledge will be taught from the basic level, this course is open to all backgrounds. Discount on course fees for a group of students is also willing to be offered.



Focusing on combining traditional and contemporary bamboo techniques to create innovative bamboo details that can be used in Myanmar today. Participants will be exposed to :

  • Community participation
  • Bamboo model making
  • Intensive design studio with daily tutorials
  • 3D modelling (Rhino and Grasshopper), CFD (Autodesk Flow); Finite Element Analysis (Karamba) and graphic software tuition;
  • Bamboo material workshop under the direction of a world-renowned bamboo carpenter;
  • A certificate of completion from, and membership of the AA School of Architecture.


For more information, click here, or visit their web page at : bamboolab.aaschool.ac.uk

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