PrefabNZ SNUG Competition – looking for student volunteers


PrefabNZ is running a competition for the SNUG – a small second dwelling unit especially aimed at Auckland’s housing market. The competition is doing great, but the following SNUG teams have indicated that they are looking for more student volunteers – particularly Auckland students!


If you are interested, Olly suggests that you research the businesses and consider what you can bring to the organisation and their SNUG team.  Then, if you are keen, please email them directly with a short (150 words) introduction of yourself, your skills and any specific SNUG related interests (materials, processes etc). If you have any more general questions first, please contact either Olly Townsend or Guy Marriage < >.


Team Name Contact Email Location
Box Dan Heyworth Auckland
SQIRCLE Nigel Brown Auckland
IQ Container Homes Brenda Kelly Auckland
Transbuild – WIP Caroline Bell Auckland
GeeKKs krupa patel Auckland
Architex NZ Ltd Andre Hodgskin Auckland
Pacific Design Office Andre Hodgskin Auckland
iPAD NZ Ltd Andre Hodgskin Auckland
Precofab David Wildish Auckland
Hurley Architects Ltd Jann Hurley Auckland
THECA Group Glenn Murdoch Christchurch
XLam House X. Paul Cleary Nelson
HAT Jeff Wilson Tauranga
Able Spaces Norma McCarty Wellington
Snug Life Mike Holmes Wellington
ADarchitecture Modular Design Petrer Davis Wellington
Nicholas Spiers Nicholas Spiers (Nik) Wellington
TBC Group Ali Hamidi Unclear
NEIGHBOUR Stuart Taylor Unclear

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