Daily Archive: June 6, 2012


SketchUp Rendering + Post Production

http://www.sketchupartists.org/tutorials/ SketchUp Artists has a collection of post production tutorials with varying aesthetics and styles. The University does not have Vray for Sketchup plugin (which a lot of tutorials are based on) but you...


Sketchup Basic Principles

Sketchup Tutorials Google Sketchup is a three dimensional modeling tool capable of quickly generating high quality 3d models. Unlike other 3d software, Sketchup works continuously in rendered mode, and so when you save an...


Beginner’s Sketch Up

http://sketchup.google.com/training/videos.html New to SketchUp Video Tutorials These video tutorials introduce the basic concepts of modeling with SketchUp. Please note that these videos are narrated in English. Click on the headings to expand each section...