Acclaimed architectural and urban landscape photographer and filmmaker Cristobal Palma will be speaking in Auckland.  Cristobal Palma will present the keynote presentation at the MOVING SPACES SYMPOSIUM.  Fri 22 Sept, 6.00pm Whitecliffe College of...

André Chiote

André Chiote

      Portuguese architect/illustrator André Chiote has been developing a series of illustrations which re-imagine iconic architectural works as posters, outlining the “emblematic and distinctive characteristics of various buildings.” Works such as Oscar...

Stone Spray Robot

A research project by iaac to computer numerically control spray robots to construct dwellings using dust! link:  


Co-Zine: Inspirational architectural images posted daily.       120409 – The Philippine International Convention Center by Leandro Locsin   120401 – Shigeo Okamoto, Calendar, 1981   120326 – Folded renderings.     120203 – The interior of...

Archidose A collection of drawings as inspiration    

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