Call for Submissions: Discursive Images

Deadline: September 1, 2017, 5pm EST

What is the role of architectural representation while working towards a project? What kind of images, media, texts do architects concoct to think while designing? How do these constructed images look like and what do they say? The JAE 72:1 a/to project issue will accept discursive images that, attuned to the issue call, reveal forms of architectural projections.

Discursive images, a specific subset of the constructed imagery created by architects, are loaded – they are full of information, replete with spatial articulation, jam-packed with representational conceits and conventions, and overflowing with interpretive possibilities – while simultaneously concise in their delivery, refined in their graphic language, minimal in their aesthetic, and pithy in their communicative potential. Within their fulsome compositions, they retain both clues and tools for their own unpacking. They are discursive in both of its meanings, simultaneously meandering, digressive, diffuse and visually verbose, while retaining the potent capacity to stimulate discourse on, in, and surrounding the discipline of architecture.

Send us drawings laden with information, but succinct in their content delivery. Forward us your graphic inventions, your analog-digital hybrids, your rule-breakers and your convention-makers. The images will be juried by the JAE Design Committee and the best images in both faculty and student categories will be featured in a Discursive Image Gallery on the JAE website. First-place winners in both categories will be featured in the print journal.

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