NEW ARCHGEN745 available

Dear MArch(Prof) Students.

We have made an  additional  Master Research Seminar ARCHGEN745 available for Semester 2 .

Anyone who wishes to change their seminar enrolment is able to do so.

Please  see the Student Centre  for further advice.




S2 2017

Tuesday 10-12

Course Co-coordinator : Uwe Rieger


arc/sec::Digital Matter

This seminar examines Reactive Architecture by investigating new technologies and concepts of Human Computer Interfaces (HCI). The course is part of the ongoing research at arc/sec Lab for Digital Spatial Operations. This research aims to make data touchable and to explore Digital Matter as a new source for architectural design and construction. Collectively we investigate functional, programmatic and aesthetic design parameters for user interaction with haptic-digital space.

The individual hand requirement will consist of two parts, a creative component and its theoretical analysis.





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