GAPS ARTS Lecture – Freedom & Law in Architecture & in the Moral Life

GAPS Arts is privileged to host a lecture by Professor Murray Rae of Otago University.

In this topic he will tease out big ethical issues and applications, as he outlines:

“Construals of freedom in the modern world are typically individualistic, self-centred, and suspicious of the ‘alien’ authorities of tradition and law.

Through a consideration of the relation between freedom and rule in the classical architecture of Greece and Rome, I will endeavour to develop a construal of freedom in which tradition and law are seen as the conditions allowing a true and fruitful exercise of freedom rather than imposing unacceptable constraints.

Comparisons will be drawn with the Jewish understanding of the freedom afforded by allegiance to the Torah, and with the way freedom is construed in Christian tradition.”


Date: Sunday 15 May
Time: 7pm
Location: GAPS 17A Powell Street, Avondale

Free admission

More details here

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