Architecture+Woman September 2013 Exhibition call for submission

architecture + woman

Architecture + Women is calling for submissions for the involvement in the September exhibition happening in Auckland. There is no restriction to the type of work submitted, encouraged is a wide variety from unbuilt projects, student work or other associated creative fields (film, art, fashion) nor does the work have to be recent.It’s a great opportunity to raise public awareness on the work of female students and the depth/breadth of ways in which women are in involved in architecture.


You will need to sign up to the database first (,) in order to submit to the exhbition. The deadline for large scale items (boards over the size of a2, physical models) is soon, on July 15. The curator needs to know to allow for space in the overall exhibition design. This is a written notification only, they do not need the work itself so its a fairly easy process.


Check out the submission instructions and interest in large-scale presentations. More information can also be found on the website!

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