Chris L. Smith – SPACE / TALK: 24 June, 5.30pm

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24 June 2013


venue: WG 126, WG Building, Entry at corner Mayoral Drive & Governor Fitzroy Place, AUT Wellesley Campus

The Spatial Design Department at AUT University is pleased to host a public lecture by Dr Chris L. Smith, Associate Professor of Architectural Design and Techné at The University of Sydney.
Chris Smith’s research is located at the interdisciplinary intersection of philosophy, biology and architecture theory. His research interests include the medicalisation of architecture, technologies of the body and the political philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.
He will present a public lecture discussing joint research led by himself and Andrew Ballantyne that led to the edited publication, Architecture in the Space of Flows (2011). In the presentation titled “Architecture’s Spasm”, Chris will develop the question of flows in matter, human, mercantile, informational, and ideational materials explored in the earlier publication. Emphasising a fluidity in architecture at odds with routine preoccupations with form, geometry and image or spectacle.

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