Simon Devitt ‘The picture story as the vessel for the ideal home(land).’ 23 May, 12pm



‘The picture story as the vessel for the ideal home(land).’

23 may 2013

12pm – 1pm

Venue: The Lab, Chartwell Gallery, Auckland Art Gallery

Cost: Free


The work i do as a photographer has a lot to do with sitting still and seizing moments. Glimpses of subtle gestures, moments and brief encounters. My priority, initially when I am shooting, is how it feels to be somewhere, rather than how it looks. I prefer to think of photographs as having been started, not taken or made, much like a garden is. Time decides a lot about how photographs are used and viewed. Context changes everything. Photographs are literally made of time. A building concentrates history in one spot.The sequence of photographs in a book can describe what certain places and events look like; they can also suggest what they might mean. The meaning arises as much from what happens between photographs as from what happens in them. To be satisfying, the meanings that are created must be coherent, or else understanding is frustrated, but they must also have some of the complexity and contradictoriness of lived experience, or else credibility is strained.

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