Communiqué 2013 – Mark Davey: 14 May, 12pm


14 May 2013


12pm – 1pm


Venue: Auckland Art Gallery, Chartwell Gallery


Cost: Free


Contact email:


Website: Communiqué 2013

Mark Davey is a PhD candidate in the School of Architecture and Planning at The University of Auckland. Mark’s lecture will discuss the case of the new Auckland super city and its development.

The Auckland region is in a state of flux. November 1, 2010 signalled one of the most significant local government reforms in New Zealand’s history. These reforms were predicated, not on cost cutting principles, but instead on a growing realisation that Auckland required wholesale change to resolve its issues and realise its potential to become a globally competitive city-region. Governance structures were seen to be the critical inhibiting factor stifling coherent and integrated regional planning efforts, resulting in poor implementation and delivery. These consequences were a barrier to unleashing Auckland’s growth, development, and productivity – its international competitiveness. We are now rapidly approaching the three year anniversary of this ‘super city experiment’. Although it is far too soon to say whether or not it has worked, we can take stock of the changes that have occurred and the challenges ahead for the Auckland city-region achieving its goal of being the world’s most liveable city. This session presents preliminary findings on the challenges and successes in Auckland realising its aspirations. The research draws on over 60 in-depth interviews with key participants, wider stakeholders and commentators concerned with Auckland’s development.


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